Neither 1 hand nor breast cancer can stop the wheels from rolling!

Angie Sandow is an INSPIRATIONAL SPEAKER who shares her tales of determination with humour and conviction.  There is always a positive; sometimes it's just a bit hard to find.  

Angie will inspire you to see the positives.   


We are all JUST RIDIN through life!






Despite being born with a congenital birth defect which resulted in my right arm and hand not fully developing, I was always encouraged by my Family to reach for the stars.  The word "CAN'T" was never a part of my vocabulary.  From playing a variety of sports to rocking out on guitar in my AC/DC Tribute band called Bare Rump to riding my own motorcycle, there is #nostoppingangie.  I  always had a passion for motorcycles however did not start riding my own until after I was diagnosed with breast cancer in February, 2014  Once the surgery and treatment were completed, I pursued the possibility of having motorcycles modified so that I could move from the back to the front seat and ride using my left hand.

I know what it feels like to be. invisible when all I wanted was to be seen and to be seen when all I wanted was to be invisible.

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Why make a movie?  It is so important for me to share my story — if I can inspire 1 person it’s all worthwhile. Some say that I have too much to talk about - let’s see - my story includes being born with congenital birth defects,  to being laughed at and excluded, to being bullied and becoming a bully,  to growing out of juvenile epilepsy,  to being judged based on my appearance which impacted my ability to find employment,  to forming and performing in my AC/DC Tribute band to being diagnosed with breast cancer to riding my own motorcycle.... and MORE!!!!! Stay tuned!!!!


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