Neither 1 hand nor breast cancer can stop the wheels from rolling!

First and foremost a Motorcycle Enthusiast, Angie Sandow is also a Writer, Inspirational Speaker and Musician.  


Be inspired by tales of determination shared by Founder and Motorcycle Enthusiast Angie Sandow as she rides her motorcycle to wherever the wind takes her.






Despite being born with a congenital birth defect which resulted in her right arm and hand not fully developing, Angie was always encouraged by her Family to reach for the stars.  The word "CAN'T" was never a part of her vocabulary.  Angie always had a passion for motorcycles however did not start riding her own until after she was diagnosed with breast cancer in February, 2014  Once the surgery and treatment were completed, Angie pursued the possibility of having motorcycles modified so that she could move from the back to the front seat and ride using her left hand.


Angie will share her tales of determination through Blogs, Vlogs and Podcasts as she rides her Honda CTX 700, following the roads to wherever they take her.   

Angie welcomes any opportunity to share her story in the hopes that she can inspire others to reach for the stars.  While difficult at times, with grit, determination, encouragement and support, anything is possible













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It brings me great pleasure to share that I have partnered with Chris Darton of Blues Harps Productions.  Chris is an experienced Writer, Director and Producer and a master of film documentaries.  I am thrilled that Chris has agreed to shoot a film to share my story which we will be submitting to the Toronto Motorcycle Film Festival.  I will be sharing details as we move along so stay tuned!!!!  


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