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Tim's Tummy - Pizzeria Del Sassi

Oh ya.... when the tummy is a rumblinn and your coming home from the 43rd Annual Motorcycle Show in Mississauga and you don't want to spend 18-19 $ for a sub and a coke, make sure your stop at Pizzeria Del Sassi, 5200 Dixie Road, Unit 6, in Mississauga. OMG. Not much to look at from outside. Just a unit in a strip mall beside a gym stuck in a unit, just down from the Dodge Jeep stealership.

We stopped in on the way home as we all had a rumblinn in the tummy and our friend Gleni has told us so much about this little pizza place that has great calzones.

We go in and its a nice little comfy place and were immediately greeted by the owner / waiter Italian fella and said please sit over here at this nice big wood table. A nice real wood table, not one of those flimsy things that usually wobble from side to side depending where you place your elbow. We all ordered our own calzone which can be adjusted by adding pepperoni or hot peppers or take the egg plant out and replace with something else. They are very nice and accommodating there. We waited a bit, not to to long and these beautiful huge calzone came out on a dinner plate sticking over the edge with just the right amount of sauce on them. Oh and the sauce in my opinion was home made and full of deliciousness.

The product was excellent and as tasty as can be. I have not had one for years so it was a delight. The waiter/owner was very attentative and comical. Being an Italian place I figured I would have tomato juice or clamato juice as my bevy but they didn't have it. So I himed and hawed a bit and the owner says its ok, taka you time, I am open till late.

Everyone thoroughly enjoyed their meals and we all took home a doggie bag except one in our party that devoured every bite including all the sauce. A huge calzone with a small sparkling water, including tax and tip I was out the door with a thank you for $16.00 smiling tummy satisfied.



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