Angie Has An Announcement!

I am thrilled to announce that I will be sharing my story at the ONLINE WOMEN'S MOTORCYCLE CONFERENCE which will be held FRIDAY MARCH 12 - SATURDAY MARCH 13, 2021.

The Women’s Motorcycle Conference gives a voice to all women on all bikes from all disciplines of riding. This ONLINE event will feature content curated exclusively for female motorcycle riders and those women interested in the motorcycling lifestyle.

25 presenters, 22 Presentations + 3 Live Connection Sessions!!!

Join us for two days of incredible lady presenters from every riding discipline and every corner of the industry on March 12-13. Our focus: UPLEVEL. Increasing our skill, our confidence, our knowledge, and our connection to our passion; everything that means to women motorcycle riders. Let’s Uplevel everything over two days of education, insight, empowerment, and connection.

For more information about this fantastic event, please click here

To get your ticket to the event, please click here

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