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The day that I have been waiting for has finally arrived!! Today, Wednesday, May 31 at 5pm, I will be sharing my story at the Carriage House as part of Americade - an exciting and fun motorcycle rally held annually in Lake George, New York.

I was confirmed to speak at Americade just as COVID rolled into town in 2020 and put life on hold. Unable to cross the border from Canada to the United States uncertainty about what the future would hold loomed over most of us. What could we do? We waited.

When weather permitted, my husband Lloyd and I would go for motorcycle rides feeling like we were the only people left on the planet. We hardly saw anyone - everything was closed - we were lucky to find gas stations that were open. Washrooms? Forget it! Not an issue for Lloyd but for me? Let's say that we didn't ride too far from home.

What was life like for you?

Life began to blossom like spring after a cold dark winter a year or so ago, and now here we are, living life, and once again able to see each other's faces. Our wallets might be a bit lighter as a result of an increased cost of living, but we are back!!

If you are at Americade, please join me today at 5pm. I promise that we will have a great time full of laughs and that YOU will. be inspired to smash through any obstacles which might come your way!

Stay tuned for your chance to meet me at future events!

Until next time, why discourage when you can encourage!


Inspirational Speaker,

Motorcycle Enthusiast, Musician, Breast Cancer Survivor, Author, Executive Producer

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