From Chemo To Throttle

From the time I was in my late teens, I knew that I wanted to help people. To help others recognize their potential despite what they may have been told by others. To not give up on themselves if told that they "should not" or "could not" accomplish something.

I have heard many things throughout my life and rather than let them discourage me, they fire me up and push me forward.

- You're a girl, you can't play boys sports. Did I mention that I grew up in the sixties)?

- I was an ice hockey goalie, played tackle football and more, at a time when "girls just didn't do that"

- You have one hand, you can't catch.

- I have owned enough baseball gloves, baseballs and footballs so I must have managed.

- You should be hidden behind a desk somewhere.

- While I have worked in office environments, in my 30+ career as a Finance professional, I was never hidden. You can't hide an extrovert! 😊

Does this look like someone who allowed themselves to be hidden?

- How can YOU play guitar?

- Watch me!!

- You can't ride a motorcycle.

- The photo below says it all! If there was one positive from being diagnosed with breast cancer, it was how it motivated me to ride a motorcycle rather than continuing to wait for the "right time".

I decided to write a book in the hopes that my story will inspire you to never give up on yourself or your dreams. To not allow yourself to be influenced by negative influencers. To not allow others to judge you.

"FROM CHEMO TO THROTTLE" is currently being printed and I can't wait to share when and how you will be able to get your copy! I am working on a variety of meet and greets and speaking engagements for 2022 and will share dates once confirmed.

I will be sharing excerpts from my book over the next little while so if you have not yet subscribed to my page, now is the time to do so! Please do not hesitate to share my site with others.... there are many exciting things on the horizon including opportunities for YOU to become involved so don't miss out! Subscribe today!!


Until next time, please be safe and keep well!


Neither 1 Hand Nor Breast Cancer Can Stop The Wheels From Rolling

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