From Chemo To Throttle... Part 2

A breast cancer diagnosis in February 2014 motivated me to stop waiting for the right time to ride a motorcycle. The challenge was how I would make this happen. Born with a limb difference to my right arm and hand meant that I would only be able to ride using one hand - my left. As I never knew the meaning of the word can't, I eventually found all of the pieces of the puzzle, and after putting them all together in 2017, started to ride.

Shortly after becoming a member of the motorcycle community, I learned about the Toronto Motorcycle Film Festival ( and decided to make a documentary to share. my story. This became ANGIE - TALES OF DETERMINATION, a 32-minute film focused on the motorcycle portion of my story. However, I wanted to share the rest in the hopes that it would inspire and uplift.

I completed my first book, FROM CHEMO TO THROTTLE in February 2022 which is being printed at the time of writing. I expect copies to be shipped on March 14th and am hopeful that they will arrive in time for my attendance at the North American International Motorcycle Supershow March 25-27 ( at the International Centre by the Airport, Toronto, Ontario.

Today, I share my first excerpt from the book with more to follow over the next few weeks. Stay tuned for how you can purchase your own signed copy if you will not be coming to the show. For now, I hope that you enjoy what follows;


They say good things come in small packages. My friends and family would say this is true when talking about me. They see me as this spunky, vivacious, opinionated dynamo of energy, who's always passionately on to something new, with the willpower of a freight train! All packed into a 5-foot-1 inch frame with a huge mop of wavy brown hair and a New York Rangers hockey jersey. or an AC/DC T-shirt. But there are some differences.

I was born in Montreal, Quebec at 10pm, July 29, 1963. My mother's bundle of joy had wavy dark hair, brown eyes, and a variety of congenital birth defects, the most noticeable of which was the limb difference of my right arm and hand.

At the time of my birth, my shorter right arm was bent at the elbow and my wrist also bent, caused my small underdeveloped hand to nearly touch my bicep. As such, I wasn’t able to use my right arm or hand for much until after surgery, which I had when I was three. Stay tuned for that ordeal later in the book.

In addition to this, the right side of my torso, where I had no pectoral muscle, was smaller than my left. Also, although not known at the time, my knees were “off”, my right eye would drift, my right breast would never grow, and I would develop mild Scoliosis. My mom would tell me how she had to be very careful when lifting me as an infant, because of the differences in my upper torso.

I called them “differences”. The world usually in recent history calls these “disabilities”. A term I hate.

“That’s pretty good considering that you have a ___________.” Insert the word “disability” or “handicap” here. Some have even referred to me as having one arm. I understand that when this is said, the majority are not doing so maliciously. However, I can’t help but wonder why it has to be said at all. For me, it is a reminder that I am seen as different.

Why can't I hear “that’s pretty good” period? I understand that I might impress and inspire people with how I accomplish things, however, I have never liked labels.

If someone refers to me as disabled or handicapped, I feel that I am still being judged and viewed differently. We all face challenges in our lives, and at times can be influenced by the opinions of others, which can lead to our giving up on whatever goal we had set out to achieve. For me, giving up has never been an option. Whether it was growing up with an obvious limb difference, being the little girl who could not understand why some didn’t want her to play “boy’s sports”, to being diagnosed with cancer, I never allowed the judgement of others to derail me from my goals.


Until next time, please be safe and keep well!


Neither 1 Hand Nor Breast Cancer Can Stop The Wheels From Rolling

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