One Hand Won't Stop Me From Riding

It took me over 6 weeks of time to finally come up with a motorcycle trip for my husband and me. It all started with a simple question;

Me: Where do you want to go?

Him: Where do you want to go?

Me: What do you feel like doing? Do you want to ride and then park somewhere for a bit or do you want to ride everyday? Do you want to have beach time?

Him: What do you feel like doing?

At time of writing, we have been married for just under 38 years which has passed in a blink of an eye. I wouldn't change what we have had for anything. We know each other so well that we can finish each other's sentences - we often have similar thoughts at the same time. We have both had our experiences with health challenges and are still here to tell the tale. So, I should know by now that I shouldn't ask - just plan the trip and tell him. 😊

Having a total of 16 days in the summer with Covid restrictions including a closed land border preventing us from riding to the United States from Canada, atleast we agreed that we had to stay in Canada. Well, I guess that one was decided for us 😂. Living in the province of Ontario is great but after being in it for over 15 months, I felt like a bird in a cage and wanted OUT. So, where?

We considered riding the Gaspe loop in the province of Quebec but there was no room at the hotels which we explored. We could go to Montreal or Quebec City but as beautiful as they are, we would only be leaving one big City for another. I kept building itineraries, but none truly excited me.

So after planning and re-planning trips, I saw a post on Facebook stating that Atlanticade, held in Summerside Prince Edward Island, would be taking place. Really? One day, I said to my husband "we're going to Atlanticade". Done!

Angie and Lloyd With Atlanticade Logo Summerside PEI July 31 2021

I built a route which would take us through eastern Ontario, Quebec, New Brunswick and end in Prince Edward Island. The entire trip there and back amounted to approximately 4,600 kilometres (or 2.860 miles). Him on his 2016 Yamaha VStar 950 Tourer and me on my Honda CTX DCT 700.

The plan was that we would do video blogs to share our adventures - we have now been home for over a week and only recorded "Part 1"... we were so busy riding, meeting people and exploring new places.

I also have hours of GoPro videos..... I just need time to go through them.

The 2nd video is coming... we better make it prior to departing on our next trip to Quebec in a few days!!

I ride with 1 hand (left) as a result of being born with a limb difference to my right arm and hand.

I play guitar using a prosthetic, I play sports which require two hands (I do it my way) yet there are still some who judge me based on my appearance. This will never change. I still get some stares, or am told that I am not "normal". What is normal?

I know that most do not mean to be hurtful and I make allowances where it obvious that this is the case. However, such judgement can impede someone's ability to achieve success.

Early in my career, I worked as an Order Desk Clerk and was once reprimanded (in a kind way) by my Controller for not returning paper invoices to their proper place. in storage boxes. When I explained that I found it a bit difficult, time consuming and would appreciate assistance, he quickly told me that I had told him that I could do anything. In my mid twenties at the time, I responded by saying "You have two hands - can you play guitar?" And that was that. We understood each other. There were times when I couldn't get a job as a Data Entry Clerk or Barista only because a potential employer decided that I was incapable of managing the responsibilities. We all have limitations regardless of our appearance.

Why are there people who immediately think that if someone looks different, that they are less able to accomplish similar tasks and what can we do to change that? Share your thoughts.

I share my story to anyone who will listen in an effort to change people's opinions and to inspire others. I might do something differently than someone else, but that does not mean that I cannot get it done. I returned from a 4,600 kilometre motorcycle trip with increased confidence in myself and my abilities, made many new friends and have wonderful memories to share which I will do in upcoming blogs.

I was taught from a very young age that I could only control my own feelings - never those of anyone else which is so true.

However, this does not stop me from

- trying to help others recognize how damaging and hurtful opinions based only on appearance can be

- inspiring others to reach for the stars and to never give up or lose hope

To book me to speak, please contact me by

Until next time, please be safe and keep well!


Neither 1 Hand Nor Breast Cancer Can Stop The Wheels From Rolling

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