What's Stopping You?

I've always believed that regardless of the challenges which life might throw at you, there is always a positive. Sometimes, it might be near impossible to find.

I was born with a variety of congenital birth defects, the most noticeable of which is the limb difference to my right arm and hand. In addition to this, my right eye drifts my knees are somewhat crooked, my right side is smaller than the left, my right breast never developed and I have mild scoliosis (curvature of the spine).

I also grew up at a time when girls were expected to play with Barbie dolls and play house. Many of my girlfriends dreamt about getting married and having babies while I played hockey, football and baseball. My dolls were action figures which included Major Mason (he was introduced in 1966 so I'm dating myself), Evel Knieval, Johnny West and friends from the Best Of The West series and Big Jim.

From a very young age, I learned to deal with being stared at, laughed at, pointed at, taunted and excluded. I would sometimes shoot my mouth off despite my parents explaining that this was the wrong way to handle such situations. I was taught to ignore negativity which wasn't always easy.

When I was in my late teens, I contemplated studying Social Work. I even started taking courses at George Brown College but for some reason, it wasn't the right time so I dropped out of the program.

It wasn't until I formed my AC/DC Tribute Band BARE RUMP with my husband Lloyd in 2001 that I discovered how I inspired others by playing guitar using a prosthetic. People would approach me after gigs and share their stories and I would often hear "if you can play guitar, I can....." - this is where they would explain how they had given up or lost hope with doing something that they at one time enjoyed, but after seeing me play, would get back at it.

In a sense, I have come full circle from the time that I considered Social Work. I knew that I wanted to help others but didn't know how. Now I do which is why I share my story as an Inspirational Speaker.

After being diagnosed with breast cancer (not so positive) and entering the world of motorcycles (very positive as a result of a negative), I learned about the Toronto Motorcycle Film Festival (extremely positive). I thought that it would be cool to make a documentary to share my story about how and why I started riding my own. Before being introduced to the wonderful Christopher Darton, I never knew how many film festivals might consider my film.

Chris introduced me to this and as a result, ANGIE - TALES OF DETERMINATION has been submitted to a variety of festivals since its completion in late 2020. To-date, my documentary was accepted and screened at the Cultural Cinema Showcase in Huntington Beach, California November 13, 2020 and The First Nations Film and Video Festival in Chicago Illinois May 5, 2021.

In May, 2021, ANGIE - TALES OF DETERMINATION was nominated in the following categories by the Hollywood North Film Awards (Toronto, Ontario Canada);

- Best Canadian Short Documentary

- Best Director,

- Best Cinematography

- Best Editing

- Best Sound Design

- Best VPX and Colour

I am thrilled to share that ANGIE - TALES OF DETERMINATION was awarded BEST DIRECTOR and BEST EDITING by the Hollywood North Film Awards, May 30, 2021. I am so proud of Chris and all that he has accomplished!!

To check out more of Chris's work, please visit and subscribe to Blues Harp Productions at

I am so proud of Chris and everyone who supported my efforts to make this film! Whether they worked behind the scenes or agreed to participate in the film itself, if not for their support, this would never have come to fruition.

Many have asked when they can see the film. I will always share viewing opportunities via film festivals and am planning on releasing in 2022 to support my fundraising efforts for JUSTRIDIN WITH ANG. Stay tuned for details!!!

Breast Cancer got me to ride - riding introduced me to people that I would never have met and more positives followed as a result. This is why I share my story.

Until next time, please be safe and keep well!


Neither 1 Hand Nor Breast Cancer Can Stop The Wheels From Rolling

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